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What's New

"Too big to fail" : Our essay on the 1984 Continental Illinois crisis has been updated with a new edition (2023-05-22)

A new essay on the Federal Reserve System's Community Development function has been added to our 'About the Fed' section (2023-05-08)

Our essay on the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 has been updated with a new edition, tracing its history from the mid-20th century to today (2023-05-08)

A page for Austan Goolsbee, the Chicago Fed's new president, has been added (2023-01-09)

Economist Jonathan Rose has been named the new Federal Reserve Historian. In this role he will help preserve and promote the history of the U.S. central bank and its policy actions. (2022-11-07)

A page for the Dallas Fed's new president, Lorie K. Logan, has been added. (2022-08-22)

More than a dozen biographies of Fed leaders who served in the early 1980s have been updated with research citations and additional links (2022-08-02)

A new essay on the Civil War-era banking laws that shaped the U.S. banking system is now available (2022-08-01)

A page for the Boston Fed's new president, Susan M. Collins, has been added. (2022-07-01)

Pages for the two new members of the Board of Governors, Lisa D. Cook and Philip N. Jefferson, have been added (2022-06-01)

A new essay on the Fed's emergency lending powers under section 13(3) of the Federal Reserve Act has been added (2022-05-12)

A page explaining our update and revision policy has been added to the site (2022-05-12)

Biographies of some Fed officials have been updated to reflect recent retirements and resignations. (2022-01-18)

Biographies of some early Fed officials have been updated with research sources and clearer titles. (2021-09-13)

Federal Reserve History has been updated with new content and a new design. We invite you to explore the new site and contact us with any questions. (2021-09-13)