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Savings and Loan Crisis


In the 1980s, the financial sector suffered through a period of distress that was focused on the nation's savings and loan industry.

Depositors Waiting in Line at Bank (Photo: Bettmann/Bettmann/Getty Images)

by Kenneth J. Robinson, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Condominium Destruction (Dallas Morning News Staff Photo by Ken Geiger)


By the late 1980s, Congress decided to address the thrift industry’s problems. In 1989 it passed the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989 that instituted a number of reforms of the industry. The main S&L regulator (the Federal Home Loan Bank Board) was abolished, as was the bankrupt FSLIC. In their place, Congress created the Office of Thrift Supervision and placed thrifts’ insurance under the FDIC. In addition, the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) was established and funded to resolve the remaining troubled S&Ls. The RTC closed 747 S&Ls with assets of over $407 billion. The thrift crisis came to its end when the RTC was eventually closed on December 31, 1995. The ultimate cost to taxpayers was estimated to be as high as $124 billion. Unfortunately, the commercial banking industry also suffered its own set of problems over this period, both in Texas and elsewhere. This banking crisis also resulted in major reform legislation that paved the way for a period of stability and profitability…until 2008.


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