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Photo of John R. Mitchell

John R. Mitchell

  • Member, Board of Governors, 1921–1923
  • Born: January 9, 1868
  • Died: January 31, 1933

John R. Mitchell was sworn in as a member of the Federal Reserve Board on May 12, 1921. He resigned on May 12, 1923.

Mitchell was born in 1868 in Franklin, Pennsylvania. He received a bachelor of philosophy degree from Yale University in 1889.

In 1897, Mitchell became vice president of Winona Deposit Bank. He left in 1906 to become president of St. Paul’s Capital National Bank, where he remained until 1920.

Mitchell’s association with the Federal Reserve began in 1916, when he became a member of the Federal Advisory Council representing the Ninth Federal Reserve Bank District on behalf of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. He served on the council until 1917. After vacating his seat on the Board of Governors, Mitchell served as a Class C director on the board of the Minneapolis Fed from September 8, 1924, to January 1, 1933. During that time, he was also chairman of the Reserve Bank’s board of directors.

Mitchell died in 1933.

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