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Photo of Robert D. McTeer Jr.

Robert D. McTeer Jr.

  • President, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, 1991–2004

Robert D. McTeer Jr. served as the eleventh president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas from February 1, 1991, to November 4, 2004.

McTeer is a native of Ranger, Georgia. He earned his bachelor’s degree and doctorate in economics from the University of Georgia and served on the faculty as a professor for two years.

In 1968, McTeer joined the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond as an economist. He took on management responsibilities in the early 1970s and served as an assistant to the Richmond Fed’s president. He became administrative officer of the Research Department, then first vice president. He was named senior vice president of the Richmond Fed’s Baltimore branch in 1980.

McTeer was an adjunct professor at the University of Richmond and Virginia Commonwealth University during the 1970s and at Johns Hopkins University in the 1980s. He also served on the faculty of several state and regional banking schools.

In February 1991, McTeer became president of the Dallas Fed. He was a vigorous supporter of free trade and focused the Reserve Bank’s energies on promoting free markets. Under his leadership, the Dallas Fed was branded the “Free Enterprise Fed.”

While serving as Dallas Fed president, McTeer was a prolific writer and maintained a heavy speaking schedule, addressing audiences throughout the world, including Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Ireland, China, and Hong Kong. He also published poetry and vignettes related to the economy.

In addition to writing several op-ed pieces for the Wall Street Journal and other newspapers, he appeared often on CNBC, CNNfn, National Public Radio, and other media outlets. Texas Cable News featured him as a "Texas Legend in Business," and a community television channel devoted a program to his poetry and vignettes.

Active in economic education, personally and through the Dallas Fed, he served on the board of directors of the National Council on Economic Education and was past president of the Association of Private Enterprise Education. He also served on the Board of Overseers of the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business, which named him a distinguished alumnus in 1991.

After thirty-six years with the Federal Reserve System, McTeer retired in November 2004 and was named chancellor of the Texas A&M University System, a position he held for two years.

In 2007 McTeer was named a Distinguished Fellow at Dallas-based National Center for Policy Analysis, writing and speaking on economic issues, including monetary and fiscal policy. He also writes a blog, commenting on public policy issues. In the private sector, he has served on the boards of directors for Westwood Holdings Group, Beal Bank, Refocus Group, and the Aquinas Companies.

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