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Teaching and Learning Federal Reserve History

As part of its work to promote a stable economy and improve consumer knowledge of economics and finance, the Federal Reserve creates education resources in economics, history, personal finance, and more, for students of many ages. This page is aimed at secondary and postsecondary educators and highlights curriculum materials relevant to content on the site. 

These resources are focused on high school, college, and adult learners. For classroom resources appropriate to grades pre-K and up, visit

On this Page

Education Resources by Time Period

Other Education Resources

History Resources by Time Period

Before the Fed 1791-1913

The Fed’s Formative Years: 1913–1929

The Great Depression: 1929–1941

From WWII to the Treasury-Fed Accord: 1941–1951

The Great Inflation: 1965–1982

The Great Moderation: 1982–2007

Understanding the Fed

Federal Reserve System Education and Research Sites

Nine of the twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks provide economic education materials and outreach in their Districts: 

Other Economics, Finance, Banking, and Money Education Sites