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The Federal Reserve works to promote a safe, efficient, and accessible system for U.S. dollar transactions.

President Nixon prepares to announce new economic policies on a television broadcast.
Gold Convertibility Ends

President Nixon's 1971 economic plan, sometimes referred to as "Nixonomics," ended gold convertibility and imposed wage and price controls

President Roosevelt signs the Gold Reserve Act
Gold Reserve Act

The 1934 law was the culmination of FDR’s controversial gold program

Roy A. Young of the Boston Fed tells the Senate banking committee on January 19, 1933 that President Roosevelts gold plan would be helpful in reaching currency stabilization.
Roosevelt’s Gold Program

The controversial and consequential policies of FDR regarding gold and dollars

<p>President Wilson signing the Federal Reserve Act&nbsp;</p>
Federal Reserve Act Signed

The Federal Reserve Act became law in December 1913, culminating three years of debate