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The Federal Reserve advances supervision, community reinvestment, and research to improve understanding of the impacts of financial services policies and practices on consumers and communities.

Chicago Housing Authority’s 1938 copy of the Federal Housing Administration’s Neighborhood Ratings of Chicago, IL

The 1968 Fair Housing Act outlawed racially motivated redlining and tasked federal financial regulators, including the Federal Reserve, with enforcement

Image from the St. Louis Fed 1993 Annual Report © Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Community Development

The Federal Reserve’s Community Development function promotes economic growth and financial stability for low- and moderate-income communities.

President Obama Signs the Dodd-Frank Act
Dodd-Frank Act

This wide-ranging legislation was signed by President Obama in 2010

Masthead from the Summer 1993 Kansas City Fed community affairs newsletter&nbsp;
Community Reinvestment Act

The Federal Reserve and other federal banking agencies have implemented the CRA since its passage in 1977

President Harry Truman Signs Employment Act of 1946
Employment Act

President Truman signed the Act in 1946 in the aftermath of WWII