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Governor (Board)
1950 to 1952

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Board of Governors

Edward L. Norton

Governor (Board)
1950 - 1952

Edward L. Norton became a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System on September 2, 1950. He resigned on February 1, 1952.

Norton was born in Blountsville, Alabama, in 1892. He received a bachelor’s degree from Birmingham Southern College and a doctorate in law from the University of Alabama.

Norton enlisted in the U.S. Navy after completing his bachelor’s degree. He served as private secretary to R.S. Munger of Munger Realty from 1915 to 1923 and was promoted to executive vice president in 1924. Norton became executive vice president of Munger Mortgage Company in 1926. He served in this role until 1939, when he was appointed chairman of the board of the Birmingham branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

Norton was appointed to the Board of Governors by President Harry Truman. After two years of service, Norton left the Board of Governors to resume his business endeavors.

Throughout his lifetime, Norton was involved in numerous civic and professional activities. Most notably, he was chairman of the board of both the Florida Broadcasting Company and the Voice of Alabama, Inc. He also was a member of the Alabama Planning Commission and director of the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce.

Norton died in 1966.

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