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Daniel Crissinger






Governor (Board)
1923 to 1927

Preceded By: William P.G. Harding

Succeeded By: Roy A. Young

Affiliated With:

Board of Governors

Daniel R. Crissinger

Governor (Board)
1923 - 1927

Daniel R. Crissinger was appointed chairman (called “governor” before 1935) of the Federal Reserve Board on May 1, 1923. He resigned on September 15, 1927.
Crissinger was born in Marion County, Ohio, in 1860. He received a bachelor’s degree from Buchtel College.
In 1886, Crissinger began practicing law in Marion, Ohio. He served as a prosecutor for two terms and a city solicitor for three terms. After his time as city solicitor, he was general counsel for Marion Steam Shovel Co., for twenty-two years. He also supervised City National Bank of Marion, which later became National City Bank & Trust Co.
Crissinger served as Comptroller of the Currency before becoming chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. Although some later chairmen focused on spurring economic expansion, he took a more traditional approach that focused on providing easy credit through lower interest rates.
Crissinger died in 1942.
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